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Fast, Secure, Reliable PV Module Attachment

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Robert Sewell


About the Company

VesprSolar is transforming how solar panels are installed. Recognized by the Department of Energy as a top 10 innovation in solar, the VesprSolar V-Clamp™ is a low-cost fastener that makes solar arrays more secure and faster to install. It makes installing a solar panel as easy as a light bulb. Complete large projects weeks faster with the VesprSolar V-Clamp™.

About the Solution

The VesprSolar V-Clamp™ is the highest performing attachment solution ever introduced for solar, optimizing for security, installation speed, and affordability.

  • Extremely Secure: Extensive testing confirmed that the V-Clamp™ provides an extremely secure, vibration-resistant connection. Each V-Clamp™ withstands >4,000N, the equivalent of Category 5 hurricane winds. The V-Clamp™ meets aerospace standards used by the U.S. military for fastener vibration (NASM 1312-7).
  • Extremely Fast: The V-Clamp™ makes installation extremely fast. Each V-Clamp™ engages securely in under five seconds and increases installation speed by 4X. Grounding and attachment in a single step.
  • More Reliable: The V-Clamp™ installs perfectly every time. The V-Clamp™ eliminates common fastener failure modes, such as self-loosening, over torqueing tensile failure, shearing, and mounting hole tear out. The V-Clamp™ utilizes visual and auditory cues—installers hear and see it lock into place. Installing the V-Clamp™ is easy and requires no power tools.
  • Universal: The V-Clamp™ System is designed to be universal, working with a family of proprietary adaptors to be compatible with all leading PV modules, solar racking systems (fixed tilt and tracker), and configurations (portrait and landscape).