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Varea Energy

Pioneering Hydrogen in the Consumer Space.

Greentown Alumni

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Founded 2019



Anna Dai

Founder & CEO

Greg Heller

Operation Lead

Dr. Fernando Godinez

Research Lead

David Santoso

Engineering Lead

Don Owens

Partner & Advisor

About the Company

Varea Energy’s efforts aid in further decarbonizing the Transportation Industry and increasing hydrogen fuel uses in a rapidly growing green energy market.

About the Solution

Compact Hydrogen Refueling Stations (CHRS): a novel integrated on-site hydrogen generation, compression, and dispensing system to produce zero-emission hydrogen fuel for FCEV cars, trucks, and various H2 applications. Features of the CHRS include:

    • Small footprint (roughly one parking space), all-in-one solution integrating hydrogen production, compression, and refueling.
    • Compact, re-deployable design ensures seamless setup and refueling anywhere.
    • Enables swift refueling of hydrogen vehicles within 5 minutes.
    • Equipped with fully-integrated, state-of-the-art hydrogen compressor.
    • User-friendly touch screen interface provides automatic fill functionality.
    • Integrated smart-phone support.
    • Fuel cell capable of provide over 100kW, 20amp power.
    • Lightweight construction allows easy transport in a standard pickup truck.
    • Industry leading safety features.
    • H2 output: Capable of producing onsite 5-50 kg/day.
    • Configurable Hydrogen Storage: 10-1000 kg.
    • Low capital solution.
    • Capable of delivering a pressure of 35 MPa or 70 MPa.