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Transport Phenomena Technologies

Enabling Future Electronics by Novel Thermal Management Technologies©

Greentown Alumni

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Founded 2017



Marc Hodes

CTO, Co-founder

Georgios Karamanis

Senior Engineer, Co-founder

About the Company

Transport Phenomena Technologies (TPT) models software for thermal management of electronics.

About the Solution

TPT is developing a heat sink optimization platform that hybridizes computational fluid dynamics, flow network modeling, multi-variable optimization, and hardware-in-the-loop to optimize the geometry and layout of arrays of heat sinks found in telecommunications, computing, and defense hardware.

TPT is also developing a compliant vapor chamber technology to eliminate thick thermal interface materials in the form of gap fillers and/or thermal grease in the aforementioned hardware. TPT also uses analytical, numerical, and experimental methods to consult on complex problems involving momentum, heat, and mass transport phenomena.