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SWTCH Energy Inc.

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Founded 2016



Carter Li

CEO + Co-founder

Laura Bryson

COO + Co-founder

Ben Newell

Head of Sales

Thomas Martin

Director of Business Development

Reinier Lamers

Senior Software Developer + OCPP Expert

About the Company

SWTCH provides innovative electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management solutions designed for high-density urban settings. The company streamlines the charging experience for EV drivers while optimizing usage and revenue for charger owners. All SWTCH technology is built on open-communication standards to ensure long-term scalability and flexibility. Ultimately, SWTCH’s mission is to improve EV charging accessibility and ensure effective integration of EVs in the transition to decarbonized systems.

About the Solution

SWTCH provides scalable, future-proof electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management solutions for high-density urban settings. As an end-to-end service provider, it supplies, installs, and manages EV charging infrastructure based on client- and site-specific requirements. All SWTCH technology is based on the global open communication standard for EV charging – Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) – to ensure customers the most choice and flexibility.