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SPEC Sensors, LLC

High performance, low cost gas sensors for the next generation of connected applications

Greentown Alumni

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Founded 2012



Dr. Joseph Stetter

CTO + Co-founder

Edward Stetter

CEO + Co-founder

Dr. David Peaslee

Director of Research

About the Company

SPEC Sensors designs and manufactures a line of proprietary electrochemical gas sensors that combine small size, low cost, and high performance to meet the needs of challenging applications. SPEC’s team, including the engineers and scientists at our sister company KWJ Engineering, is comprised of sensor experts with diverse backgrounds and expertise, ranging from chemistry to electrical engineering, physics and mechanical engineering. The company has designed innovative solutions to unique problems using our screen-printed sensors and brought them from concept to market.

About the Solutions

SPEC Sensors has designed a unique distributed network of hydrogen sensor nodes to monitor and characterize leaks and emissions in hydrogen infrastructure. The system uses the latest in LoRa wireless combined with our proprietary, low power, low cost hydrogen sensor to deliver a more accurate and granular understanding of hydrogen emissions to generators, distributors and users of hydrogen fuel.