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Founded 2017


Resiliency + Adaptation

Laurent Meunier

Co-founder, COO, CTO

Laurent Canneva

Co-founder, CEO

About the Company

Spare-it is the first waste intelligence platform seamlessly connecting all indoor bins, offering exclusive access to comprehensive waste stream data by bin, floor, and building at a larger scale.

The company’s technology leads the way in waste metering and reporting platforms, serving as the essential first step for any reduction journey.

As demand for authentic waste data rises among leading organizations, Spare-it rapidly expands in the US, SEA, and EU.

About the Solution

Spare-it IOT smart scales measure waste quantity (weight) by bin, floor, and building. Uniquely enabling providing to our customers the ability to report true and accurate waste data .

Spare-it Waste assessment app leverages computer vision to analyses bins contamination and contaminants. Uniquely providing customers with their full waste profile.