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Reduce waste. Ignite a culture of sustainability. Engage your team with live data.

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Founded 2018


Resiliency + Adaptation

Laurent Meunier

Co-founder, COO, CTO

Laurent Canneva

Co-founder, President

About the Company

Spare-it is a Plug & Play platform for workplace sustainability. Once deployed and for the first time:

  • Their sensors and software will give you access to live waste intelligence by stream, by floor, by city, by country
  • Their platform will connect these data to people – they gamify the reduction and boost sustainability ownership in your community.

They will be closing 2022 with 120 floors deployed, engaging 10,000 people deployed in 25 companies and universities from Boston, NY, San Francisco, and Hong Kong.

About the Solution

Deployed under the different waste streams’ cans, Spare-it-connected scales weigh automatically and securely send the data in real time to the company’s servers.

Through Spare-it’s powerful data platform, waste data is collected, analyzed, and shared with employees through live dashboards. Workplace data can include a lot of different type of wastes.

The Spare-it team and green teams use the Spare-it engagement platform to challenge themselves with friendly waste reduction competitions.