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Reduce waste. Ignite a culture of sustainability. Engage your team with live data.

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Founded 2018

Laurent Meunier

Co-founder, COO, CTO

Laurent Canneva

Co-founder, President

About the Company

Spare-it is a digital waste reduction engagement platform. Spare-it engages employees with live data in fun waste reduction competitions and becomes a true catalyst for sustainability in their workplace. Based in Boston in Greentown Labs, Spare-it works with companies (including tech, fintech, biotech, consulting) and universities. In 2019, the company was able to develop a triple positive impact with its initial customers (environmental, social, economic); 100 percent of them renewed and decided to expand in 2020.

About the Solution

Deployed under the different waste streams’ cans, Spare-it-connected scales weigh automatically and securely send the data in real-time to the company’s servers.

Through Spare-it’s powerful data platform, waste data is collected, analyzed, and shared with employees through live dashboards. Workplace data can include a lot of different type of wastes.

The Spare-it team and green teams use the Spare-it engagement platform to challenge themselves with friendly waste reduction competitions.