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Founded 2019


Resiliency + Adaptation

Aaron Wright


About the Company

The Solomon Group is pioneering innovative approaches to building decarbonization that set it apart in the climate-critical field.

Its unique contribution lies in its ability to leverage data commodities and data tools to identify and dismantle the barriers obstructing the adoption of energy-efficient solutions by homeowners, renters, and business owners. The company is on a journey to break down these barriers, not just for individuals but also for municipalities and companies dedicated to engaging with communities.

The company starts by merging extensive data with localized insights to develop tailored recommendations for effective messaging in each community and target population. This personalized approach ensures that its outreach strategies, marketing channels, and influential messengers align seamlessly with the specific culture, languages, neighborhood conditions, and current events of the communities it serves.

But its commitment goes beyond data. The team at the Solomon Group, rolls up its sleeves and leads grassroots campaigns in underserved communities. It builds lasting relationships with residents and small business owners, working together to support climate goals and introduce innovative offers to communites.

The company’s collaborative efforts extend to municipalities and companies, where it provides crucial support in organizing on-the-ground initiatives, helping them navigate the complexities of climate action.

SG’s solutions don’t just stop at communication strategies; they empower commerce. By swiftly delivering essential information to consumers, the company enables them to make confident decisions regarding energy efficiency upgrades.

The Solomon Group is not just embracing a greener future – it’s embracing a more prosperous one too. Its mission is to make a lasting impact on the clean energy landscape. It is on a transformative journey towards a brighter, sustainable tomorrow.

About the Solution

SG’s robust data enables it to provide wraparound services including strategic planning, strategic communications planning & tactical execution, as well as community engagement operations.

Community engagement operations include community-based participatory research services via focus groups and surveys, as well as the dissemination of information through channels as diverse as canvassing operations, direct mail, SMS/email messaging, social media and broadcast mediums.

Solomon Group communications initiatives currently support workforce development, energy-efficiency information awareness campaigns and issue advocacy.About the Solution

The Solomon Group LLC is solving a social economic problem across cultures and society. It is improving the lives and livelihoods of those excluded from access to modern clean energy and efficiency by bringing awareness and resources to them and eliminating barriers such as language, wealth, race, and information to improve quality of life. The affordability and security of energy supply are vital when it comes to quality of life, which impacts health, mental health, living conditions, and productivity gains. The company is solving the barriers such as access to information and pathways into the clean energy workforce.