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New-generation smart textiles

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Founded 2018



Adrian Beach, MBA, MS PMP

Business Lead

Prof. Trisha Andrew

Scientific Lead

Sayantani Nandy, MBA

Operations Lead

About the Company

Soliyarn is committed to developing next-generation smart clothing that incorporates electrical conductivity into garments seamlessly. Soliyarn’s motto is “your garments need to feel comfortable before they are smart,” and the company develops conformal coatings on textiles to achieve conductivity without compromising on form factor and feel of the resulting textile.

About the Solution

Soliyarn employs a unique (dry) process to vapor coat polymers on textiles, which leads to washable electronic clothing without wires or bulk. Its technology truly converts commercially available textiles into wearable joules heaters that are washable, breathable, and retain the tactility of the original textile.