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Smartpipe Company, Inc.

A New Life for Aging Pipelines

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Founded 2007



Gary Littlestar


Donny McCallum


Robin McIntosh

Director BD

Aron Ekuland

Director Ops

About the Company

To be the global leader in composite pipeline technologies, Smartpipe® is focused on direct lay greenfield applications or the re-purposing of existing, aged or damaged pipeline infrastructure in hard to access or impossible to access locations, giving them increased commercial value. Its large diameter, high pressure non-metallic composite pipeline system can replace or repurpose these pipelines with minimal disruption to the environment or public. Built on site, the Smartpipe® system can be assembled and installed in continuous lengths, minimizing the need for weak-link connection systems. With the built-in leak detection, health monitoring and intrusion monitoring, the pipeline now becomes the safest of its kind.

About the Solution

High Pressure, large diameter, self monitoring non-metallic composite pipeline system used to replace/re-purpose existing pipeline infrastructure. Using portable assembly plant, Smartpipe® is assembled at the job site and simultaneously pulled into an existing pipeline in very long lengths (miles) with minimal disruption to the public or environment. Low carbon footprint and built-in leak detection/intrusion monitoring/health monitoring make a Smartpipe pipeline system by far the safest mode of transportation for oil/gas/CO2/Hydrogen.