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Skylark Wireless

Far more than 5G

Greentown Alumni

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Founded 2012



Ryan E. Guerra

Founder + CEO

Clayton W. Shepard

Founder + CTO

About the Company

Skylark designs and manufactures broadband last-mile radio systems for internet service providers with a focus on 40 million unserved Americans in rural markets. Its patented 5G Massive MIMO beamforming enhancements and proprietary software-defined radio (SDR) base station and user equipment provide point-to-multi-point, non-line-of-sight, and affordable high-speed communications in difficult terrain that other technologies can’t reach.

About the Solution

Skylark’s Faros wireless systems implement scalable, Massive MIMO Multi-user Beamforming to provide 8 – 32x more capacity over the same wireless channel, at a longer range than alternative LTE or Wi-Fi technologies. Built on top of a proprietary agile, software-defined radio platform designed from the ground up to support Massive MIMO and built in the U.S., Skylark provides a turnkey last-mile solution for rural broadband service providers that reduces CapEx and OpEx by an order of magnitude.