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At SkyH2O we create clean water from the air!

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Founded 2016


Resiliency + Adaptation

Alexander von Welczeck

Chairman, President & CEO

Oscar Martinex


Terell Jones

Director, Business Development & Alliances

Loren Simpelo

Director, Marketing & Communications

Wolgang Strasser

Director, Technology & Innovation

Richard Guerra

Director, Project Management

Guillermo Sepulveda

Director, Mexico & Latin America

Max Brandt

Director, FInancing

Dirk Michels

Chief Legal Advisor

About the Company

SkyH2O is advancing and scaling atmospheric water generation for commercial and government projects. It wants to build 100 SkyH2O Stations around the world.

SkyH2O’s Atmospheric Water Generation (“AWG”) systems and projects supply fresh water for commercial, industrial and government applications, in most any location at anytime providing the ultimate in Water security, self-reliance and independence – “Water 4.0”

About the Solution

SkyH2O’s atmospheric water generation (“AWG”) system the AWG MAXIMUS 4260™ is designed for commercial, industrial and government applications and rated to produce about 10,500 liters per day (+3,000 gallons per day) of fresh potable water that meets WHO standards.

The AWG MAXIMUS 4260™ can be applied as a stand-alone system or as a “building block” within larger AWG projects starting at 50,000 liters per day with unlimited expansion potential.