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Sistine Solar

Add Style to Any Solar Panel

Greentown Alumni

About the Company

Sistine Solar creates SolarSkin, an aesthetic overlay that transforms the look of any solar panel. It can make the panel blend in with a homeowner’s roof—no matter what color, pattern, or style. Or it can convert it into a branding asset for businesses, an advertising medium for marketers, signage for street furniture, a canvas for an artist—the possibilities are endless. Welcome to 21st century solar.

About the Solution

SolarSkin uses selective light filtration to simultaneously display a vibrant image and transmit sunlight to the underlying solar panel with minimal loss in efficiency. Sistine Solar’s patented technology employs techniques from color science, materials science, and human visual perception to achieve this. The end result: transforming the drab, industrial solar panel into the most elegant way to generate electricity – even if your neighbors can’t tell.