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Resiliency + Adaptation

Matt Stein

Co-founder and CEO

Raymond Schmitt, PhD

Co-founder and President

Sam Levang

Co-founder and Chief Scientist

Eric Schmitt

Co-founder and Data Scientist

Jesse Palma, PhD

Head of Machine Learning

Salient Predictions produces the world’s most accurate long-range weather forecasts (3 weeks to 9+ months out) for temperature and precipitation. The team uses ocean data and ML to significantly improve forecast accuracy, and they are building vertical-specific solutions for agriculture, energy, insurance, finance, retail and beyond. Salient is vastly expanding not only industry’s ability to predict, respond to, and leverage the weather, but also humanity’s understanding of and relationship to the global water cycle and how it’s shifting with a rapidly changing climate. Salient Predictions is working to improve the dynamics between industry and climate, driving climate resiliency and carbon emissions mitigation across the world.

Current customer engagements include enterprises using the technology for everything from biomass forecasting in agriculture to hydropower forecasting to analytics for supply chain and retail for agricultural chemicals.