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Hands-free waste collection: Capturing more, sustainably

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Founded 2020


Resiliency + Adaptation

Ian Goodine

Co-Founder & CEO

Ethan Walko

Co-Founder & CTO

About the Company

rStream is automating the front-lines of the circular economy and waste collection specifically; this allows waste haulers to capture more recyclables than ever before possible and provides them with data insights for efficient operations. In rStream’s world, consumers’ disposal decisions won’t create the supply chain for a circular economies, their robotic system will.

About the Solution

rStream is applying innovations in computer vision and data science to drive their autonomous waste-sorting system. The system is designed to be compact, robust, and affordable for application in non-industrial settings with critical waste volumes such as stadiums or universities. With rStream, a bin of mixed waste can be diverted with enhanced accuracy into any disposal scheme (trash, recycling, compost) with zero human intervention.