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Revterra is developing a grid-stabilizing kinetic battery as a drop-in solution to dramatically reduce the time, cost, and complexity of installing a DC fast charging (DCFC) station for electric vehicles. Specifically, installing DCFC stations at sites with low-power connections can require digging trenches to bring in additional distribution lines, bulky transformers, and costly demand charges; it can take months, if not longer. Their first product will be a modular 400kW/100kWh base unit that works with any existing DCFC hardware. They see a future where EV drivers can recharge their cars in 15 minutes or less anywhere, without the need for an overhaul of the existing electric grid.

Their energy storage technology can also be used in applications like provision of physical inertia directly to the grid, backup power/power quality assurance, peak shifting, energy arbitrage, or beyond. In addition, their technology can withstand more than 40,000 full depth-of-discharge cycles, has a power to energy ratio of up to four times higher than chemical batteries, and has a much cleaner environmental footprint. Wherever you have a power bottleneck or challenge, they can help you solve it. They raised a Seed round in 2019, received a Phase I NSF grant in 2020, and recently closed an $8.5M Series A fundraise. They are looking for additional customers to partner with and pilot test our early commercial grid-stabilizing kinetic battery units.