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Renewell Energy

Oil wells that end well

Greentown Alumni

About the Company

Renewell converts the millions of stranded inactive oil and gas wells, along with their supporting infrastructure, into the lowest-cost, highest GHG-abating, most flexible energy storage device in the world. By converting ⅓ of all inactive wells in the US, Renewell can create 78,000 MWh of storage (10% of the needed capacity to reach ~80% renewable market share) and abate 2.3MMTCO2e of leaked methane annually (equivalent to removing 500k ICE cars/year).

About the Solution

Renewell retrofits grid-connected inactive wells with a proprietary weight-based energy storage device with an intelligent controls platform that integrates with existing SCADA networks or uses cellular data for remote monitoring/control. This zero-self-discharge, distributed energy storage network can be coordinated to operate simultaneously, sequentially, or anywhere between to generate both short (2-8 hours) and long duration (weeks-months) power, providing first-of-its-kind flexibility and resilience.