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Ari - Your Virtual Data Scientist

Greentown Alumni

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Founded 2015


Buildings, Electricity, Manufacturing

Glenn Wu

CTO + Co-Founder

George Hernandez

Managing Director

About the Company

Ari analyzes data and creates holistic recommendations—and elegant visualizations—based on insights that are impossible to see otherwise. Complex data systems are simplified. Your colleagues are empowered to solve increasingly complicated problems across any part of the enterprise. And you can take credit for improved business outcomes, risk mitigation, and a smarter, happier workforce.

About the Solution

Ari is a cloud-based augmented intelligence software platform powered by a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) engine. While typical AI solutions are rule-based and rely on the domain expertise of the user, Ari conducts unsupervised learning to determine relationships and principles—with minimal domain knowledge. It autonomously extracts the knowledge needed to create precise recommendations. Ari’s technology is hardware-agnostic, easily scalable and highly customizable for practically any use case or industry.