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Puro Renewables

Renewable Solutions For A Circular Economy

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Founded 2021



Justin Danko

Founder & CEO

About the Company
Puro Renewables upcycles biorenewable, carbon-negative, biowaste to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of plastics. The company helps partners reduce their reliance on fossil-fuel-based resins while also dramatically reducing their carbon emissions, and create products that enable a circular economy.
About the Solution
Puro Renewables has commercialized 3 products to date. Its first product, Oysterplast, is a composite pellet that upcycles oyster shell waste. Its second product, Agaveplast, is a composite pellet that upcycles agave fiber waste. Its third product, the Puroplast Bioaccelerator is an additive that will enable the bioassimilation of polyolefins-based plastics if they are landfilled.