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Polymer-X Inc.

Electrified Chemical Manufacturing

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Founded 2022



Qi Dong

Co-founder, President, and CTO

Liangbing Hu

Co-founder and Advisor

Yiguang Ju

Co-founder and Advisor

Timothy Krebs


About the Company

Polymer-X Inc. is a spinoff company from University of Maryland and Princeton University. Led by a group of materials scientists and chemical engineers, the startup is dedicated to developing innovative electrothermal methods for sustainable chemical manufacturing. Its cutting-edge technologies enable methane conversion to value-added chemicals with record-high selectivity without using any catalyst, as well as turning commodity polyolefin and polyester plastic wastes to fuels and chemicals with record-high yields. Additionally, its approach can be applied for upcycling a range of macromolecules and biomass toward synthesizing useful chemical products.


About the Solution

Polymer-X Inc. specializes in sustainable chemical manufacturing with a mission to convert plastic waste, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, biomass, etc. into value-added chemicals via electrification. The startup’s core technologies are based on two novel electrothermal methods, including: (1) electrified programmable heating and quenching (PHQ), and (2) electrified spatiotemporal heating (STH).