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Planckton Data

Advancing global economic, energy and climate security by harnessing the power of carbon data management

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Founded 2022


Resiliency + Adaptation

Robin Goswami

Co-founder and CEO

Sandeep Roy

Co-founder and CDO

About the Company

Planckton Data is a group of energy industry technologists, with a passion for climate action and making Net Zero a reality. The team has deep data and domain skills in the oil and gas, resources, chemical and utilities vertices along with a keen understanding of GHG accounting needs. They help companies make better net zero decisions, with measured and interoperable data.

About the Solution

The Planckton platform is built to manage the entire carbon data lifecycle by automating the data to decision lifecycle. It guides companies to make better decisions as they work towards net zero by using measured, interoperable data. The company’s offerings are designed for asset-heavy industries with focus on oil and gas, chemical & refining, mining and resources industries.