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Parasanti Inc.

Powering the world's edge infrastructure, to tame the cloud and bring it down to earth

Greentown Alumni

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Founded 2019


Resiliency + Adaptation

James Hancock

Co-founder and CEO

Joshua Seagroves

Co-founder and CTO

Lt. Gen. (R) Eric Wesley

Executive Chairman

About the Company

Parasanti is a data orchestration/edge computing firm, specializing in extreme operating environments within both the federal space and advanced energy solutions.

About the Solution

Parasanti delivers a full data orchestration platform which operates both within the cloud and independently at the extreme edge, providing insights when you need them, where you need them.

Parasanti’s value proposition is its unique ability to ingest, filter, contextualize, and process nearly any type of data, as fast as the sensor can generate it, through AI/ML algorithms to deliver actionable insights in the moment you need them, in the format that you need them, without reliance on a bandwidth connection. And because the company only sending those enriched insights back to the cloud, instead of the full data dump, its solution results in massive cost savings in data storage and a much more secure digital highway for transport.