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Lignium Energy

A New Standard in Farming & Energy

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About the Company

Lignium Energy transforms cow manure into combustion pellets, generating a certified and odorless product with a high calorific power that complies with all the regulations to be used.

This means producing the most environmentally friendly fuel in its production and consumption, generating the cheapest non-fossil fuel on the market based on cow manure, a waste without a comprehensive treatment, reducing the carbon footprint of farms and with a carbon negative process, providing the world with cheap and environmentally friendly non-fossil fuel.

About the Solution
  1. Separating the solids from the liquid of the animal slurry.
  2. Cleaning the solid part of the manure and eliminate all chemical and dirty waste to generate biomass.
  3. With the biomass, Lignium generates a combustion pellet that complies with the regulations to be used.

With this process, Lignium Energy generates a triple impact: environmental, social and economic. Lignium also reduces costs for farms without being an expense, but by generating wealth from the process.