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Kula Bio's liquid biofertilizer, ready to be applied to crops at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Kula Bio

Greentown Alumni

About the Company

Kula Bio champions sustainable, biological solutions for modern agriculture. The company supercharges natural nitrogen-fixing microbes with renewable energy in order to deliver reliable, low-cost organic biofertilizers. By rewiring the energy flow from sun to soil, Kula Bio is tackling the wholesale replacement of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers and eliminating the division between affordable practices and better stewardship of our land, sea and air.

About the Solution
We need microbes that last longer.

Kula Bio’s process supercharges natural microbes to extend their lifetime in the field, alleviating their need to compete with other microbes for energy, and boosting their natural fertilizing abilities.

Kula Bio’s microbes store their own energy.

The company’s unique approach charges up natural microbes that transform air into nitrogen fertilizer. With Kula Bio’s reactor technology, microbes store energy derived from renewable electricity and carbon dioxide.

More energy = stronger microbes = better fertilization

Once applied in the field, these microbes use this stored energy to synthesize slow-release, organic nitrogen fertilizer directly in the soil.