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Kanin Energy

We help heavy industry monetize their waste heat and decarbonize their operations

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About the Company

Kanin Energy brings a fresh perspective to waste heat to power projects by leveraging deep expertise in carbon markets, project finance, and energy policy. Its innovative third-party financing model and turnkey development approach enables industrial partners to quickly monetize waste heat while significantly mitigating risks of deployment. Never has it been this easy for industry to decarbonize operations with cash-flow positive projects.

About the Solution

Of all the energy produced and consumed to do ‘work’, up to 58% is lost in the form of waste heat during industrial processes. The ability to capture wasted energy and produce electricity through Waste Heat to Power (WHP) is viable in many different industries. WHP is zero-emission generation powered by heat from industrial processes and equipment that would otherwise be lost to the environment. Getting WHP to scale can dramatically decarbonize the industrial sector which accounts for one-third of global energy demand and 24% of global GHG emissions and requires large volumes of high-temperature heat generally produced by combusting fossil fuels. Kanin is a full scope, turn key developer that provides an innovative business model that allows for third party financing, enabling heay industry to decarbonize their operations and utilize baseload electricity thereby offsetting power produced from fossil fuels.