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Infinite Cooling

Disrupting the Way the World Uses Water

About the Company

Infinite Cooling reduces water consumption in industrial plants by capturing cooling tower plumes. The company has a patent-pending technology developed at MIT that uses electric fields to capture water from the plumes leaving cooling towers. Infinite Cooling has a track record of success, including having won the MIT $100K, MassChallenge, the MIT Clean Energy Prize, the DOE National Cleantech Competition, and numerous other awards.

About the Company

Infinite Cooling’s patent-pending technology developed at MIT reduces water consumption in evaporative cooling tower systems by more than 20 percent by capturing water from cooling tower plumes. This technology leads to:

  • A 20 to 30 percent reduction in total plant water consumption (make-up and blowdown)
  • $1 million annual savings in water sourcing and water treatment costs for a 600 MW system
  • 100 percent plume elimination on cooling towers retrofitted with Infinite Cooling technology