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Helix Power

Utility-scale Power Burst Management Platform

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Founded 2013



Matthew Lazarewicz

Founder + President

Donald Bender


Kevin Blackman


About the Company

Helix Power is a developer of grid-scale, high-power energy storage, and power management systems.

About the Solution

Helix offers sustainable energy storage for high-power, high-cycle, long-life applications such as metro rail and microgrids. Helix’s 1MW flywheel is designed for extreme power management/energy storage to continuously manage MW+ power surges and sags, thereby increasing efficiency, lowering emissions, and enhancing life of generation and other energy storage assets.

The implementation of Helix’s technology has the potential to manage and reduce greenhouse gases at an accelerated rate. The initial application can reduce metro train propulsion energy requirements by 30 to 50 percent.​ The company intends to adapt this technology to improve wind and solar integration, microgrid effectiveness, and industrial applications.