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Helix Earth Technologies

Capture and Save!

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About the Company

Helix Earth Technologies is revolutionizing the way we do air conditioning and carbon capture and sequestration by leveraging cutting-edge technology, originally developed for space at NASA. Its mission not only involves bolstering energy efficiency and slashing operational costs but also minimizing emissions to foster a sustainable environment. The company is simultaneously trailblazing a revolution in the carbon capture and storage sector, as well as in air conditioning energy efficiency, and is aiming to redefine these industries through their innovative solutions.

About the Solution

Helix Earth Technologies has developed a unique filtration system called Helix MICRA™, which is a high-efficiency, low-energy use droplet capture method. Using this technology, the company can foster high-surface area interactions between liquids and gasses, which allows it to enable rapid liquid-gas chemical processes. It uses Helix MICRA™ to revolutionize air conditioning through high-rate, high-efficiency dehumidification that is enabled by Helix MICRA™. The company is also enabling massive reductions in size and operating costs of carbon dioxide-capturing plants using their Helix MICRA™ technology.