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H2Ok Innovations

Making H2O (and other liquids), OK.

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About the Company
H2Ok Innovations is developing an IoT platform for optimizing industrial liquid and fluid systems in supply chain, manufacturing, and data centers. The startup unlocks previously untapped data and drives data-driven decisions off this new information to provide its customers a competitive advantage in their operations, becoming more efficient and sustainable.
About the Solution

H2Ok Innovations’ IoT system consists of a network of versatile and scalable spectral-based proprietary sensors deployed in-line, connected to our ML edge compute models and gateway, coupled with our process insights software. It is bridging OT (operational technology) and IT (information technology) to provide data-driven optimization of facility performance in liquid-related processes¬† (e.g., changeovers, cleaning/flushing, Clean-in-Place optimization, startup optimization, purging, real-time product & ingredient QA/QC, wastewater optimization, RO systems, blending optimization, etc.) Benefits include: reduced cleaning time, water consumption, and chemical usage, improved OEE and changeover processes, cuts wastewater treatment costs, increased revenue, and meeting or exceeding sustainability goals.