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Founded 2022



Fred Rostami

Founder + CEO

Melina Roshanfar

Head of R&D

Ehsan Mirzaee

Principal Engineer

Emna Azek

Head of Data + Analytics

About the Company 

GreenLIB is pioneering a sustainable future by transforming battery waste into profitable, closed-loop solutions within the global LIB market. The startup offers two distinct business models: 1) Licensing its cutting-edge recycling technology for integration into client facilities, and 2) Supplying essential recycled materials produced in-house at GreenLIB. Its current mission is a strategic scale-up, transitioning from a laboratory prototype to a full-scale, world-class recycling plant.

About the Solution

GreenLIB has engineered a groundbreaking water leaching and electrowinning separation solution for lithium-ion batteries. Crafted for modularity and scalability, this solution is primed to meet the burgeoning demand from the EV battery wave. GreenLIB‘s technique stands out for its minimal energy consumption—by eschewing excessive acids and high heat, the process significantly reduces pollutants and slashes costs. Looking ahead, the team is committed to integrating renewable energy into its recycling operations, amplifying its positive environmental impact. At its core, GreenLIB extracts valuable materials from batteries and seamlessly reintegrates them into the supply chain, epitomizing the principles of circular economics.