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Founded 2019


Resiliency + Adaptation

Dakota Stormer

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Kelly Poirier


Jacob Miller

Co-founder + CEO

About the Company
Footprint App, Inc. helps employees quantify their personal and business impact on climate change and take steps to form more sustainable habits through collective action. They work with companies to engage participants through carbon footprint calculations, sustainability challenges, and opportunities to collectively collaborate to reach a corporate carbon footprint reduction goal while forming a culture of sustainability. This results in higher employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity.
About the Solution
Footprint App, Inc. helps corporate sustainability departments as well as human resources departments with employee communication and engagement around sustainability targets. Their solution aims to help sustainability departments communicate their scope 1, 2, and 3 goals and measure the impact of their company’s employees, while also helping human resources groups engage and retain employees—especially as companies struggle to keep up with employee demand for positive social impact.