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FLITE Material Sciences

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Greentown Alumni

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Founded 2018



Dan Cohen


Ogan Gurel

Chief Science Officer

Tom Samek

VP Strategy

Christiana Winfrey

VP Operations

About the Company

FLITE provides advanced surface engineering techniques to protect industrial materials from rust, ice, and fouling, using clean lasers instead of chemical coatings. For people who manufacture and maintain equipment in a broad range of industries, FLITE enhances safety features, improves longevity, and leads to the design of an exciting new generation of products while protecting the environment.

About the Solution

FLITE licenses leading-edge technology from research labs and connect with customers in aerospace, oil and gas, water treatment, and other industries. Once the company demonstrates the effect of superhydrophobic or oleophobic textures on glass, plastic, metal, ceramics, and semiconductors, FLITE is ready for deep integration. FLITE will put the texturing technique directly in the supply chain so that products are manufactured with advanced textures that are permanent, durable, and clean.