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Eos Loan

Unlocking financial options and savings in the renewable energy and home improvement space

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Founded 2023



Eduardo Donadi

Founder + Chairman

Gildo Rodrigues

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Adriano Pereira

Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer

João Paulo Geroldo

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Ken Hutchins

Chief Commercial Officer

About the Company

As a finance marketplace, Eos Loan brings in fresh capital, capital providers, and proprietary technology to make it easier for people to go solar or fund their next home improvement project.

About the Solution

For Homeowners and Businesses: Access affordable, reliable, and clean renewable energy by choosing solar power or get that home improvement project completed, while enjoying cost savings through multiple financial options and a hassle-free approval process. Choose the best option for you.

For Partners and Service Providers: Partners and service providers can enhance their operations and expand their reach by increasing financing options and funded operations, implementing an integrated back-end process, and simplifying and expediting the financing contracting process. And small contractors now have access to financing, thus promoting inclusivity and diversity.

For Capital Providers: Capital providers can leverage a low-cost channel with no marketing or origination costs, access the fast-growing ESG market, enable capillarity and cross-selling opportunities, ensure qualified lead origination with risk-adjusted returns, implement effective credit risk-management and fraud-mitigation measures, and maintain installation-quality monitoring.