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Enviro Power Technologies

The next generation heating system with a power-plant inside.

Greentown Alumni

About the Company

Enviro Power Technologies is replacing aging heating equipment with their breakthrough SmartWatt heat & power technology providing energy solutions servicing millions of homes, businesses and their power utilities in lowering ever increasing utility bills and increasing resiliency and reliability. They are transforming the heating industry from equipment sales with no customer loyalty, into customer-oriented and energy-service centric.

About the Solution

The SmartWatt Boiler technology is a high efficiency heating system designed with a seamlessly integrated, closed-loop micro turbine. With a competitive cost structure compared with regular heating systems, the SmartWatt Boiler is designed to produce heat, generate electricity and provide backup power. The SmartWatt technology saves the average American homeowner around $1,000 per year on energy cost and provides backup power and ancillary services to the electric grid.