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Injection-Free Reservoir Stimulation

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About the Company

Eden is the leader in natural resource recovery. It breaks rocks with electricity to increase subsurface permeability.

About the Solution

Eden’s Electrical Reservoir Stimulation (ERS) technology leverages the power of electrical pulses, granting precise control over the directionality of the fractures created. Traditional hydraulic fracturing often leads to short circuits, uncontrollable fractures that can dominate fluid flow, preventing re-stimulation in areas that still need fracturing. The company’s approach addresses this issue, increasing fluid flow, ensuring more targeted and efficient geologic reservoir stimulation, and enhanced subsurface resource recovery.

By using electricity, the company can reduce the water consumption, carbon emissions, and seismicity risks that come with traditional hydraulic fracturing. The result is a subsurface recovery process that is more sustainable in every sense of the word. Its patented technology is already being used across multiple field sites around the world.

To learn more about Eden, its groundbreaking technology, and how it is working with industry leaders across geothermal energy, carbon storage, mining, and geologic hydrogen, please visit