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Anwar Sadek

CEO & Founder

Sai Prasanna Chinthala

CTO & Founder

Chelsea Monty-Bromer

Scienitifc Advisor & Founder

About the Company

Corrolytics is an innovative technology company at the forefront of revolutionizing and digitizing corrosion detection and asset integrity monitoring across industrial infrastructure. Its advanced solutions, including test kits and software, provide real-time, accurate measurements of corrosion rates, microbial activity, and surface characteristics. By digitizing and streamlining the corrosion monitoring process, the startup empowers industries to enhance safety, reduce environmental impact, and optimize maintenance strategies. Corrolytics is committed to safeguarding critical infrastructure and supporting the transition to more sustainable industrial practices.

About the Solution

Corrosion is a complex electrochemical process, demanding equally sophisticated technology for accurate detection. Corrolytics’ revolutionary MIC Test Kit is the culmination of patented electrochemical innovation seamlessly integrated with advanced AI technology. It excels in precisely identifying when microbial growth triggers corrosion, distinguishing it from other corrosion types. But what truly sets it apart is its unique ability to detect microbial corrosion rates in real-time, on-site, and provide actionable insights into the effectiveness of corrosion mitigation strategies.

At its core, Corrolytics’ test kit leverages innovative sensor systems and cutting-edge algorithms to offer real-time insights into microbial corrosion rates. By analyzing fluid samples collected from assets, it empowers asset owners to proactively address potential corrosion-related issues. This empowers asset owners to make informed decisions promptly, enhancing overall asset management strategies.

Corrolytics’ technology is designed to be user-friendly and adaptable, seamlessly integrating into existing maintenance and monitoring processes. Its highly sensitive sensors can detect even subtle changes in corrosion rates, enabling early intervention to prevent asset degradation.

In essence, Corrolytics’ test kit represents a significant leap forward in corrosion detection, offering a comprehensive and efficient solution to protect critical infrastructure. In a world where infrastructure integrity is paramount, Corrolytics stands at the forefront, pioneering the future of corrosion detection and asset protection.