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CeraPhi Energy

CeraPhi helps organizations reach net zero through baseload clean energy from geothermal solutions

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Founded 2020



Karl Farrow


Gary Williams


Iain Pittman


Lafayette Herring

VP, North America

About the Company

CeraPhi develops proprietary technology to significantly de-risk the delivery of geothermal projects through their CeraPhiWell patent solutions. They work to enable geothermal production through the reuse of existing oil & gas wells or the development of new wells to provide baseload heat and energy services.

About the Solution

CeraPhi’s scalable technology platform provides flexible plug & play solutions for “Geothermal Everywhere” from a proven de-risked modular system. Primary elements of CeraPhi’s solutions set are the patented CeraPhiWELL, a closed-loop downhole heat exchanger system, and the patented CeraPhiPRO integrated project assessment and management system which enables a cost & risk mitigation based project design and implementation process.