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Founded 2019

Dave Curry


Shane Johnson


Brian Asparro


Doug Staker

VP of Business Development

About the Company
According to C40, 225+ cities have announced targets to reduce carbon emissions. In most cities, buildings can comprise anywhere between 50-80% of emissions. This has led many cities and building owners/managers to start taking action to reduce emissions. CarbonQuest helps building owners measure and reduce carbon emissions now through technologies and solutions. The company utilizes a platform including patent pending carbon capture technology and electrical optimization to support carbon reduction.
About the Solution
CarbonQuest provides technology and solutions to buildings owners seeking to decarbonize their buildings. The main tool the company provides is a unique, patent pending approach to utilizing carbon capture in buildings which use natural gas for heating, hot water and/or adsorptive chilling. This approach can reduce as much as 50% or more of a buildings emissions and causes little disruption to a building, is economical, measurable and safe. The other unique aspect is the circular economy aspect of the sequestered CO2. CarbonQuest also provides a software based electrical optimization solution that can be paired with the carbon capture solution to significantly reduce a buildings emissions.