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Black Mountain Metals

Fueling the electric revolution

Black Mountain Metals Logo

Founded 2018

Rhett Bennett

Co-founder + Chairman

Ashley Zumwalt-Forbes

Co-founder + CEO

AJ Saverimutto


Dean Hildebrand


Sam Richardson

Commercial VP

Peter Wade

Engineering VP

About the Company
Black Mountain Metals is a global battery metals mining company, specifically focused on sustainable nickel and copper mining for lithium-ion battery cathodes. Black Mountain Metals wholly owns one nickel-copper-cobalt mine in Western Australia and 20 percent of an ASX-listed nickel mining company, Poseidon Nickel (ASX: POS).
About the Solution
Black Mountain Metals is focused on supplying the needed raw materials to fuel the electric revolution. However, importantly, the company is focused on ensuring that these mined raw materials are lower carbon footprint than traditional ICE vehicles—oftentimes, there is not enough focus on the carbon emissions or impact of the supply chain, and Black Mountain Metals is looking to change that.