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Air Company

Turning CO2 into luxury products of the future.

About the Company
Air Company is a New York-based technology, engineering and design company that ideates and creates luxury consumer products for our future. Their proprietary and patented technology converts excess CO2 from the atmosphere into high-purity alcohols that can be used across a variety of consumer verticals, including spirits, fragrance, sanitizer, cleaning products, and even fuel. To date, they have brought two carbon-negative products to market: Air Vodka and Air Spray (hand sanitizer). Air Vodka is the world’s first carbon-negative spirit and also the world’s cleanest spirit.
About the Solution

Air Company’s technology transforms CO2 from the atmosphere into impurity-free alcohols that can be used across various consumer industries. Their technology uses captured CO2 and generates electricity from sunlight using solar energy to power their conversion system. Air Company’s conversion system breaks apart the CO2 and water over their proprietary catalysts and reforms them to produce alcohol, with oxygen as the only byproduct. Their scalable process has net-negative carbon emissions, removing 1.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per kilogram of alcohol produced in a complete life cycle analysis.