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Advanced Ionics

Green Hydrogen without the Green Premium

Greentown Alumni

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Founded 2017



Chad Mason

CEO & Founder

Bill Murray

Head of R&D

Katharina Loden

Director of Engineering

Heather Perkins

Director of Business Operations

Owen Liebelt

Business Administration

About the Company

Advanced Ionics is inventing the clean future of industrial hydrogen with new electrolyzer technology, opening new doors for decarbonization by eliminating the green premium associated with green hydrogen production.

About the Solution

Hydrogen is a critical feedstock for industries such as ammonia, chemicals, and steel.  For these sectors to be decarbonized, hydrogen must also be.  Unfortunately, existing technologies cannot achieve the targets required to compete with fossil-fuel sourced hydrogen.

Advanced Ionics has developed steam electrolysis that operates at mild temperatures, matching common industrial processes and waste heat sources.  This is the best way to substantially lower electricity, and enable green hydrogen costs below $1/kg.