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Advanced Ionics

Electrify Hydrogen, Decarbonize the World.

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About the Company

Advanced Ionics has created a green hydrogen platform that allows hard-to-abate industrial hydrogen producers and users to achieve sustainability, without sacrificing profit.
Its technology is truly novel, a whole new category of electrolyzer that improves efficiency by 30% or more compared to other electrolyzer technologies on the market today. Its efficiency hovers around 35 kWh/kg of hydrogen.

About the Solution

Advanced Ionics’ electrolyzer works across a wide temperature range, above liquid water but below superheated steam. By operating typically between 200C and 400C, its electrolyzers require very little electricity since it operates in vapor phase. It achieves these moderate temperatures by integrating into existing industrial processes like ammonia, petrochemicals, refining or steel, and harvesting waste heat at little to no cost. And what’s more, its technology uses common and widely available materials to keep capital costs low, and present no fundamental challenges in scaling up.