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Grow Smart with Adaviv

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About the Company

AdaViv has a machine-vision-based solution that helps growers maximize their profits by improving crop performance and minimizing the operational costs per cycle. The company provides a mobile sensing solution that scans the entire crop 24/7 and collects visible and invisible plant-level data.

About the Solution
Seeing the Invisible

AdaViv’s high-resolution machine vision and sensors continually search and detect plant stress, disease, and vigor invisible to the human eye.

Plant-level Care at Scale

AdaViv’s software mimics the judgement of expert growers and plant scientists to facilitate targeted care and maintenance.

Turning Data into Know-hows

AdaViv gives daily insights, recommendations, and warnings by converting plant-level data into useful key performance indicators and root-cause analyses.

Lean Cultivation™ with Adaviv

AdaViv’s plug-and-play system is designed to deliver actionable insights at massive scales. This system uncovers inefficiencies, builds in vital redundancies, and gives you a bird’s-eye view so you can rest easy while growing strong.