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Amplified Industries, Inc. (fka Acoustic Wells)

Bringing Cutting-edge Technology & Superior Physics to Any Field

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About the Company

Amplified Industries (fka Acoustic Well) is democratizing the latest in data processing know-how and IoT hardware to help industrial businesses work smarter and cleaner. The company is starting in the oil and gas industry, focusing on reducing lifting costs and methane emissions. Amplified Industries has an MIT-developed, patent-pending solution to detect the operating state of industrial equipment connected to piping at very long range through the use of novel acoustic technologies. The company has won numerous awards, including the MIT 100K, the CleanTech Open North East, the ASU Innovation Open, and more.

About the Solution

Amplified Industries is an asset-light control solution that uses acoustic physics and miniaturized edge computers to reduce lifting costs, detect leaks and equipment failures, and provide a turn-key automation solution for oil and gas wells of all sizes. Its technology was born and patented in MIT’s labs and combines physics-based insights with the latest in AI to easily modernize and intelligently control oil wells. Amplified Industries’ scalable plug-n-play system allows it to infer the state of the pump deep underground by processing sound signals at the surface of the well. This solution is significantly more affordable than the current state-of-the-art options, while providing valuable, novel information.