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ZS2 Technologies

Decarbonizing the Construction Industry

Greentown Boston Member

About the Company

The team at ZS2 Technologies knows there are better ways to build our world, and is determined to find them. Its team is accelerating the development and adoption of construction technologies which are stronger, safer and more resilient for generations to come.

ZS2 Technologies is a building technology scaleup with a focus on de-carbonizing the world’s largest industry: construction.

Its solutions range from manufacturing advanced building materials to developing carbon-neutral cement with CCUS technology. Its foundation is science, but its focus is climate technology innovation.

About the Solution

ZS2 uses a proprietary blend of waste materials to produce alternative building material based on carbon negative magnesium cement. ZS2 has developed modular carbon capture & utilization technologies to feed concrete production. Buildings are designed with structural insulated panels produced from magnesium-based concrete panels. The result is more energy-efficient buildings that take less time to build and produces less waste. Our team has successfully completed projects across North America ranging from the Arctic to the Caribbean and is decarbonizing the world’s largest industry, using climate technology, one project at a time.