Meet Our Members: Introducing Greentown’s Newest Startups of Q2 2021

Twenty-six startups joined our community in Q2 2021, working on innovations as diverse as kinetic wave energy, soil carbon measurement, efficient wind turbine installation, and electric, uncrewed surface vehicles.

We’re thrilled to support these groundbreaking climatetech startups—let us introduce you!

Agtech + water

Haystack Ag’s soil organic carbon measurement system employs elements of spectroscopy, dry combustion, remote sensing, and automation to help drive affordable, regenerative farming practices.

Moonflower Technologies sustainably grows lettuces, microgreens, herbs, and edible flowers via a closed-loop hydroponic system that uses 95 percent less water than conventional farms use.


AirStat creates fully integrated indoor air quality solutions through cloud-connected AI systems and devices.

Canetia Analytics monitors every structure’s natural vibration signature through IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, enabling a building to be seen from the inside to the outside, continuously and automatically.

Dandelion Energy’s geothermal system replaces homes’ existing air conditioning and heating equipment with a powerful heat pump and safe, underground pipes that move heat between the earth and people’s homes.

TORO Water Air Thermal Technologies (TORO WATT)’s air conditioning technology leverages the outside environment to provide comfort with improved control of temperature, humidity, and ventilation in a safe, climate-friendly, and efficient way.


Advent Technologies makes high temperature proton exchange membrane (HT PEM) fuel cells that convert hydrogen and other renewable fuels to electricity.

BlueTec Energy is poised to harness kinetic wave energy in near-shore environments with its Torpedo Wave Powered Electric Generator, which generates up to 750kW of electricity.

CeraPhi Energy develops proprietary technology to significantly de-risk the delivery of geothermal projects through its CeraPhiWell patent solutions. It works to enable geothermal production through the reuse of existing oil and gas wells or the development of new wells to provide baseload heat and energy services.

CLS Wind’s self-erecting system allows for multiple wind turbine installations without the need for large, heavy, and expensive cranes, reducing both the time and cost to install them.

Global ROC provides an innovative technology solution for cooling tower systems that reduces chemical consumption, saves water, and decreases energy costs.

NOIr3 Energy is partnered with Sonnen, a Shell New Energies company, to pave the way for the Texas energy transition by deploying the virtual power plant concept within multifamily, commercial, and industrial buildings with a no-money-down approach.

REI is a C-corp in the business of converting waste into clean, sustainable energy.

SeebeckCell Technologies develops and manufactures liquid-based thermoelectric modules, power generators, and waste heat recovery systems.


Fysikes Biosolutions develops renewable green fuels (methanol, ammonia, and naphtas) via the production of hydrogen and concentrated CO2 from direct air capture and industrial CO2 capture technologies.

Lydian Labs aims to accelerate the decarbonization of the chemical industry by electrifying the chemical production process through its printed catalyst technology.

Nth Cycle, a metal-processing technology company, develops an electro-extraction technology—an alternative to hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy—that enables customizable, clean and consistent recovery of the critical minerals for the energy transition.

SiTration is developing a novel membrane filtration technology that combines durability and performance at low cost to enable highly efficient separations in today’s mega-industries.

Triton GHG Environmental Services manufactures mobile skid-mounted units that displace diesel usage.

Vistex Composites is a manufacturing innovation company that has developed disruptive technology to manufacture advanced composite products.

Platform solutions

ALLY Energy is an energy tech and human capital services company that offers talent engagement, culture development and design, recruitment training and coaching, consulting, and more.

Beacon Bio’s product PhonoGraft, a novel biomimetic and biodegradable graft for treating chronic eardrum perforations, is opening up options for more environment-friendly tissue grafts.

Blue Sky Analytics uses satellite data and AI to provide high resolution environmental insights for ESG investing and climate risk assessment.

H2Ok Innovations is an IoT analytics platform providing comprehensive, real-time visibility into industrial liquid systems to enable data-driven, optimized operations.

Julius Education addresses the people components of the energy transition as jobs change and enables new, family-sustaining careers in the sectors that make up the green infrastructure economy.

Sensgreen provides solutions for a healthier and more efficient built environment with its IoT technology, which monitors indoor air quality and overcomes HVAC challenges.


SeaSatellites‘ electric unmanned surface vehicles are accelerating the global transition to efficient operations and cleaner oceans.