Meet Our Members: Introducing Greentown’s Newest Startups of Q4 2022

Seventeen startups joined our community in the final months of 2022, working on innovations as diverse as a smart nanocoating to keep products fresh, an autonomous waste-sorting system, and drinking water drawn from air’s humidity.

We’re thrilled to support these groundbreaking climatetech startups—let us introduce you!


Conduit Tech builds software and machine learning technologies that integrate home-specific insights and data into the HVAC sales process.

Reframe Systems is scaling offsite construction with advanced robotic microfactories.


Arco Technologies offers green hydrogen solutions for trains, trucks, boats, and all kinds of heavy-duty use.

Alma Energy leverages geothermal exploration to deliver scaled renewable energy production at economic levels.

CZAR Power builds an exceptionally smart and sustainable charging system that cuts the cost of power electronics in half and can be installed three times faster than other energy systems.


Energiency pioneers artificial-intelligence- and human-intelligence-driven energy-intelligence technology dedicated to manufacturing.

Nfinite Nanotech’s smart nanocoating enables sustainable packaging to keep products fresh and eliminate waste at scale.

Renew CO2 offers cost-competitive, carbon-negative monoethylene glycol.

Sustonable mixes post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, recycled glass, and natural stone to create a circular, high-quality surface material that can be used for kitchen tops, wall panels, and furniture.

Resiliency + Adaptation

rStream Recycling applies innovations in computer vision and data science to drive an autonomous waste-sorting system.

WasteWizer Technologies builds internet-connected rugged scales that continuously monitor the weight of containers through its BinBar™ system—a technology that empowers the waste industry by providing actionable insights for improving sustainability, economic efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

WIP International Services provides pure drinking water from humidity in air.


Endeavor Composites pioneers high-performance, low-cost, and zero-waste composites to solve difficult manufacturing problems.

FibreCoat creates affordable and conductive fiber materials for integrated EMI-shielding, heat transfer, and weight reduction in EVs.

Heartland Industries produces materials and technologies to help decarbonize manufacturing.

MITO Materials Solutions’ patented platform technology creates hybrid additives with unique attributes and limitless possibilities.

Sensai Analytics helps commercial EV owners maximize the residual value of batteries.