Meet Our Members: Introducing Greentown’s Newest Startups of Q3 2023

Sixteen startups joined our climatetech community during some of the hottest days of the summer in Q3 2023, working on breakthroughs such as reliable energy storage, detection of green-hydrogen gas leaks, and carbon-footprint reductions in the trucking industry.

Let us introduce you to some ground-breaking climatetech startups that we are extremely excited to support!


Stepwise makes home electrification effortless and affordable by reducing the infrastructure upgrades costs associated with installations and helping homeowners save money on their electricity bills through energy management. 


FutureOn, a member of our Go Energize 2023 cohort, creates a dynamic and 3D geospatial common data environment across surface, subsea, and subsurface domains, with open API connectivity into third-party tools and existing customer workflows.

Lobster Robotics develops lightweight, low-cost, fast robots for visual surveying to lower the cost of surveying in offshore wind farms. It’s part of Go Energize 2023.

Monadnock Energy deploys renewable energy solutions, starting with solar farms in New Hampshire. 

REON Technology provides software-defined digital-power solutions that accelerate the global adoption of renewable energy. 

SeaDeep, a Go Energize 2023 participant, revolutionizes underwater assessments with AI-powered subsea vision for inspecting marine environments and substructures in real-time and with high-fidelity using low-cost, off-the-shelf cameras.

Type One Energy is bringing stellarators to the global energy market by applying proven innovations in advanced manufacturing methods, modern computational physics, and high-field superconducting magnets.


Blue Atlas Robotics, a participant in Go Energize 2023, has developed and commercialized a robot platform that removes operational and data limitations present today when using available methods for underwater inspections.

Corrolytics provides a better way for corrosion engineers and pipeline operators to determine when microbial growth within industrial assets will lead to corrosion.

GreenLIB is pioneering a sustainable future by transforming battery waste into profitable, closed-loop solutions within the global lithium-ion battery market.

Mars Materials is working to sequester CO2 into carbon fiber and wastewater-treatment chemicals.

Polymer-X is developing innovative electrothermal methods for sustainable chemical manufacturing.


21Senses offer a range of solutions to support the green-hydrogen supply chain and various applications of other forms of hydrogen.  

Capwell is a hard tech, climate-focused company dedicated to reducing methane emissions in the oil and gas industry by collecting and destroying all surface-level methane emissions.

HyperKelp, part of our Go Energize 2023 cohort, produces the Kelp Smart Buoy—a hosted payload platform capable of carrying hundreds of sensors—that collects and transmits marine-level data for wind farmers, climate scientists, and military intelligence officials.


GreenIRR is a carbon accounting platform for the trucking industry that enables users to measure real-time fleet emissions and generate regulation-compliant reports.