Meet Our Members: Introducing Greentown’s Newest Startups of Q3 2021

Twenty startups joined our community in Q3 2021, working on innovations as diverse as carbon-negative fats, energy-efficient membrane materials for chemical separations, and scalable electric vehicle charging solutions for high-density urban settings.

We’re thrilled to support these groundbreaking climatetech startups—let us introduce you!

Agtech + water

Biko Biolabs transforms plastic waste into an organic soil carbon amendment and fermentation feedstock, converting the environmental menace of plastic pollution into a rich opportunity to grow local regenerative agriculture and the burgeoning bioeconomy.

Circe Bioscience tailor-makes fats through a carbon-negative fermentation process. The company’s proprietary microbes eat CO2 through a similar biochemical pathway to what plants use to fix CO2. Circe Bioscience can engineer the microbes to make different kinds of fats and formulate them into food products that are delicious and climate-friendly.

Sofar Ocean offers exceptional ocean weather forecasts built on the world’s largest ocean sensor network. The startup provides the hardware, data, and applications that enable ocean intelligence at unprecedented scale.


M2 Thermal Solutions is developing a drop-in replacement air conditioner that uses a combination of evaporative cooler and membrane to independently cool and remove moisture from room air. The proposed system can service the same thermal loads as conventional vapor compression systems without the use of refrigerants, while using 70 percent less electricity.


A&I Power Group’s patented generator doesn’t require fossil fuels, is self-contained, and doesn’t have moving parts, and, as a result, is more efficient than traditional power generation technologies.

Alp Technologies is developing M-BRIC, a smart and low-cost energy storage system that behaves like a multicellular organism that can think, learn, and repair itself.

Energy Toolbase is an industry-leading software platform that provides a cohesive suite of project modeling, energy storage control, and asset monitoring products that enable solar and energy storage developers to deploy projects more efficiently.

Energy Web Foundation (EW) is a global nonprofit accelerating the transition to a low-carbon, customer-centric electricity system by unleashing the potential of blockchain and decentralized technologies. EW focuses on technology integration and development, co-creating standards and architectures, speeding adoption, and building community.

CeraPhi Energy develops proprietary technology to significantly de-risk the delivery of geothermal projects through its CeraPhiWell patent solutions. It works to enable geothermal production through the reuse of existing oil and gas wells or the development of new wells to provide baseload heat and energy services.

MicroEra Power develops THERMAplus, a thermal energy storage system using smart software, phase change materials, and off-peak energy to provide low-cost and low-carbon heating and cooling for commercial buildings.

OhmConnect makes it possible for customers to use clean energy without buying expensive solar-powered systems or changing energy providers. The company pays its users for saving energy when the grid is at risk of using dirty power.

Solarflux makes the FOCUS, a parabolic dish concentrator capable of delivering flexible, clean, inexpensive solar thermal power for a wide range of applications.’s distributed power plant control offering helps owners of distributed energy resources save on reactive power bills, doesn’t require new hardware, and is three times more cost-effective compared to conventional Volt-VAR solutions.


Aeon Blue Technologies’ revolutionary, interruptible green electrolysis technology enables industrial plants to run purely on variable renewable energy while producing products at significantly lower costs.

Eugenie improves the efficiency and asset reliability of heavy machinery, thus reducing their carbon footprint and making industrial operations more sustainable.

Osmoses has developed membrane materials for chemical separations that have exceptional permeability and unprecedented stability. The company plans to deploy these membranes in the energy, chemical, and petrochemical sectors, where its membranes’ high permeability and selectivity can meet customers’ needs for energy savings and gas-product recovery.

Platform Solutions

BOxES works to combine physical and digital technology to democratize space-efficient, convenient, affordable, and sustainable retail.

Resiliency + Adaptation

Gaia AI uses drones, LiDAR, and computer vision to collect high-quality biomass data in forests, helping landowners, project developers, and investors understand the carbon stock and timber content of their land. By measuring the carbon content of a forest with high accuracy, they give carbon credit buyers confidence that their credit was backed by sequestered carbon.


AmpUp is an electric vehicle software company and network provider that gives businesses and property owners the ability to efficiently manage multiple charge stations and locations in one platform.

OpConnect is reducing the greenhouse gas emissions caused by transportation by providing EV charging solutions that consist of charging station hardware, software, and operating services for the chargers.

SWTCH Energy provides scalable, future-proof electric vehicle charging and energy management solutions for high-density urban settings. As an end-to-end service provider, it supplies, installs, and manages EV charging infrastructure based on client- and site-specific requirements.