Meet Our Members: Introducing Greentown’s Newest Startups of Q2 2022

Twenty startups joined our community in the second quarter of 2022, working on innovations as diverse as a solution to enhance oceans’ natural ability to capture CO2, biotechnologies to produce wood products without cutting down trees, and a turnkey development approach to waste-heat-to-power projects.

We’re thrilled to support these groundbreaking climatetech startups—let us introduce you!


Teknobuilt is a construction technology company offering an AI platform to help all aspects of program management and execution for workflow automation, collaborative manual tasks, and siloed systems.


Arco Technologies is developing a proprietary anion exchange membrane electrolyzer with the lowest capital expenditures and operating expenses possible today.

EVLO designs, delivers, and operates energy storage systems with advanced safety and sustainability features to power a brighter future.

Kanin Energy’s third-party financing model and turnkey development approach to waste-heat-to-power projects enables industrial partners to quickly monetize waste heat while significantly mitigating risks of deployment.

Optigon utilizes rapid, contactless measurement techniques to deliver a holistic understanding of a solar cell’s performance at each stage of the manufacturing process and throughout its service lifetime.

WeaveGrid’s technology leverages embedded vehicle telematics—data, controls, and communication systems—and charging equipment to transform unpredictable and disaggregated EV charging loads into a cohesive network of controllable grid resources.


Advanced Ionics is enabling green hydrogen production without the green premium.

Carbonext produces high-quality graphene in a cost-effective, sustainable, and scalable manner.

Clean Power is developing a novel, low-cost, highly durable hydrogen polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell delivering zero-emission electricity.

ElectraSteel is innovating to electrify and decarbonize iron and steelmaking using renewable energy.

FORAY bioscience develops new biotechnologies to produce the wood products without cutting down a single tree.

Phoenix Tailings empowers innovative manufacturers with the materials they need, leveraging unconventional mineral resources while eliminating environmental waste.

SPEC Sensors is creating a robust and reliable meshed sensor network for hydrogen leak detection and line-monitoring systems.

Resiliency + Adaptation

Ebb Carbon uses a proprietary electrochemical system to separate acid out of salty water, de-acidifying the ocean and enhancing its natural ability to capture CO2 from the air and store it safely and stably as bicarbonate for at least 10,000 years.

Element Resources is enabling compressed hydrogen storage tank technology. 

Future takes a 360-degree-view of spending and generates individualized options to save money and reduce carbon emissions with its decision-engine.

Mantel is developing a novel liquid phase carbon capture material that operates at high temperatures.

Moonshot Compost collects and consolidates food waste for composting from businesses and residents, with a focus on data creation and management.

RUNWITHIT Synthetics is creating a live, digital twin modeling platform that generates decision-support data for regional hydrogen-demand scenarios.


Smartpipe Technologies is developing a robust, self-monitored, repurposed pipeline system for hydrogen with minimal environmental disruption.