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Meet Our Members: Introducing Greentown’s Newest Startups of Q1 2022

Nineteen startups joined our community in the first quarter of 2022, working on innovations as diverse as green hydrogen development, cow-manure combustion pellets, and motionless wind turbines for buildings.

We’re thrilled to support these groundbreaking climatetech startups—let us introduce you!


AgZen’s field-tested, food-safe additives and sprayer retrofits make agrochemical droplets stick to plants better so that farmers can get the same protection while spraying less.

Fresh Inset’s solution protects crops from the damaging effect of ethylene during storage, shipment, and retail, improving fresh produce’s shelf-life, appearance, and quality.

Independence Coffee Company’s 100-percent-compostable coffee pods are made with no plastic.

Lignium Energy transforms cow manure into combustion pellets, generating a certified, odorless, cheap, and environmentally friendly fuel.


Community Energy Labs installs wireless sensors and equipment controllers and uses cloud-based software to autonomously predict and efficiently control how and when building equipment is operating, meaning that more of it is powered by clean, affordable energy.

IncentiFind is the nation’s only database to coalesce green building incentives offered from all levels of the U.S. government and make them searchable to residential and commercial sectors using a property’s address.

InfiSense provides a cloud-based solution platform to enable the rapid development, deployment and ongoing management of a new class of applications based on LoRa and LoRaWAN.


Aeromine Technologies is a motionless wind turbine for buildings.

AllSpice serves as a homebase for hardware teams, combining revision control, design reviews, and releases in a single place.

R&B Technology’s Ari product is a cloud-based augmented intelligence software platform powered by a proprietary artificial intelligence engine that is hardware-agnostic, easily scalable, and highly customizable for practically any use case or industry.

Florrent’s ultracapacitor modules are designed for hybrid energy storage systems for utility-scale grid deployments, commercial and industrial buildings, EVs, transportation, charging stations, and more.


Bucha Bio creates novel biomaterials by combining infinitely renewable bacterial-nanocellulose, plant-based polymers, and additives. These materials can be used in premium applications instead of animal leather, polyurethane, latex, vinyl, epoxy, and more.

Dash Clean Energy is a boutique green hydrogen development firm that collaborates with leading wind and solar companies that offer the lowest-cost electricity with the highest availability to provide on-site or delivered zero-carbon hydrogen solutions to the transportation, energy storage, and industrial gas markets.

TalkingHeads Wireless develops smart network towers, starting with the world’s most energy-efficient remote radio heads.

Resiliency + Adaptation

Browning the Green Space aims to increase the participation and leadership of Black and Brown people and of women in the clean energy space and beyond throughout the northeastern United States. Greentown is proud to partner with Browning the Green Space on its ACCESS contractor accelerator, made possible by a grant from the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator.

Parasanti delivers a full data-orchestration platform that operates both within the cloud and independently at the extreme edge, providing insights in the moment you need them, in the format that you need them, and without reliance on a bandwidth connection.

Parq empowers clients to build sustainable, resilient supply chains through a suite of cloud- based tools.

Spaero Bio enables scientists to quickly and directly automate experiments that are currently done by hand, a bottleneck of life science R&D.

The Northeast Clean Energy Council is the only organization that covers all of the clean energy market segments in the northeastern U.S., representing the business perspectives of investors and clean energy companies across every stage of development.