Meet Our Members: Introducing Greentown’s Newest Startups of Q1 2021

The Greentown Labs community continues to grow and we’re excited to introduce you to the 16 climatetech startups that joined our Boston and Houston incubators in the first months of 2021! These groundbreaking members are working on solutions ranging from a screen that removes dust from solar panels, to reusable N95 respirators, to blockchain for ESG initiatives, and more.

Meet these startups that are powering the climatetech revolution:

Agtech + Water

Katz Water Technologies aims to solve the world’s water problems by deploying cutting-edge water purification and desalination technology worldwide.


Enviro Power Technologies is replacing aging heating equipment with its breakthrough SmartWatt heat and power technology—providing energy solutions servicing millions of homes, businesses, and their power utilities in lowering utility bills and increasing resiliency and reliability.


Blue Line Battery designs and manufactures more accessible, more efficient, lithium-ion power batteries for industrial applications.

Sol Clarity’s electrodynamic screen keeps solar panels clean from dust and dirt.

Terrapin Geothermics develops energy projects from heat that reduce the emissions intensity of the industrial sectors.

WindRays Energy develops new models of wind energy designs to make widespread implementation in densely populated areas more efficient and profitable.


Teal Bio is developing a reusable N95 respirator system for healthcare workers, which provides reliable respiratory protection for healthcare workers while reducing landfill waste.

Platform Solutions

Altitude, an Accenture portfolio company, is a product design and innovation firm based in Boston that uses its expertise in consumer insight, design and product engineering to help companies innovate and develop new physical products and services.

Daniel Consulting Group (DCG) is a battery technology consulting firm focused on all aspects of battery testing and development.

Footprint is a web-based enterprise software solution for climate education and action.

Innovator Energy develops and deploys several breakthrough solutions in cooling, heating, and heat transfer.

Matterworks has designed a next-gen metabolomics platform to accelerate synthetic biology research and reduce hazardous waste through biological synthesis.

Noteworthy AI mounts its computer vision technology onto electric utility fleet vehicles to help utilities increase the reliability, resiliency, and safety of the distribution grid while reducing cost. 

Topl’s blockchain ecosystem is built to prove ethical and sustainable practices, empowering businesses and other organizations to drastically cut certification costs and produce unprecedented trust and transparency around their ESG initiatives.


Flux Marine is disrupting the marine industry through development of high-performance electric propulsion systems that are designed from the ground up to maximize efficiency, minimize maintenance, and provide a true alternative to gas engines.

Skytree’s patented process employs a unique CO₂ filter that scrubs CO₂ and water directly from the air. CO₂ captured can later be utilized as a profitable and sustainable resource in the production of fuels, chemicals, building materials, carbon farming and other products containing CO₂.

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